How to Anchor an Angel Topper for Christmas Tree

Putting an angel on top of a Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions of Christmas. Of course, there is another segment of the population that prefers nativity stars, fairies, or other non-traditional tree toppers. Still, no matter what kind of topper you’re looking for, there’s one thing you want to make sure that your topper doesn’t fall over or lean.

A falling angel tree topper could ruin a decorated Christmas tree, and for those angels with precision designs, frequent drops also increase the risk of damage. For example, Cyraft animated angel tree topper with mechanical motorized wings.

If you have the same trouble putting an angel on a Christmas tree, here are several tips on this blog for anchoring a tree topper.

The reason why angel tree toppers keep falling off

Essentially the branch at the top of the Christmas tree is very thin and there are not enough flat surfaces to place the tree-top angels on. That flimsy branch is simply not strong enough to hold the weight of any angel tree topper except those made of paper. Those heavier toppers may lean, or in severe cases, fall.

DIY tree topper holder

After understanding why angels fall off so often, things get easier. we just need to add support and provide a surface.

Materials Needed:

  • A pole
  • A scissors
  • Three wire tie or ribbon
  • Polyethylene foam

Foam can be found in just about any abandoned packing box. Or you can buy one online. I recommend polyethylene foam because it is highly elastic and fits the base of the angel better.

First, you need to cut a round cross-section on the top of polyethylene foam (Relax, it doesn’t need to be a perfect circle), and the rest of the foam doesn’t have to be cut, it can even be oddly shaped!

Next, insert the pole into the bottom of the foam.

Then, test the foam to connect with the angel. Slide it into the plastic sleeve to see if it fits. And shake it vigorously to test if it has enough stability.

Last, zip-tied the pole to the top. To make it tight, make sure to use at least three zip ties. One at the bottom of the pole, and the other two placed at the center and the top edge.

And you can spray-paint the pole to match your tree. Or use branches on the tree to cover the pole.

As you can see, even when I pushed the Christmas tree hard with my hands, she was so stable that I had no worries about her falling.

Universal tree topper stabilizer

But, if DIY isn’t really your thing, I did find several tree topper stabilizers that can be purchased.

Twist-on Universal Tree Topper Stabilizer


Ease of Use



This little item makes putting a tree topper easy and straight. It is metal. The coils that wrap around the tree spine are perfectly stable. It’s sturdy and it works.


  • Each part of it is removable, so it fits nearly ANY tree topper base such as post, spiral, clamp, cone, and finial topper bases.
  • It is made of metal and can provide strong support. It is green and matches most of the Christmas trees without worrying about damaging the overall beauty of the Christmas tree decorations!


  • Although the advertisement claims that it also fits angel tree toppers, the top cross-section is too narrow to hold the angel well. It is more suitable for star tree toppers.
  • It only fits tree trunks over 1.2″ in diameter, Inability to maintain adequate stability for some thin, especially artificial trees.
  • It still shakes and falls when shaking the branch hard.

Cyraft Angel Tree Topper Stabilizer with Legs


Ease of Use



This tree top stabilizer is new to Cyraft this year and it is designed for angel tree toppers. Compared to the cone stabilizer, it fits the angel base better, not only keeping the tree-top angel straight, but also ensuring that the angel won’t fall even if a cat pounces on it.


  • It works on both real and artificial trees, even if the branches are thin.
  • It fits very snugly into the Angel Tree Top base and won’t fall off, even with violent shaking.
  • It attaches a pair of legs that can be mounted on an angel, creating the feeling of an angel suspended in the air, like a real angel flying, especially when paired with Cyraft’s angel tree topper with moving wings.


  • It only works on an angel tree topper.

Safety tips for installing and anchoring an angel topper for Christmas tree

While aesthetics is important, safety should always be the top priority when installing and anchoring an angel topper. Here are essential tips to ensure both the beauty and safety of your Christmas tree adornment:

  • Use a stable stepladder to get to the top of the tree.
  • Ask a friend or family member to hold the tree steady while you plug in an angel tree topper in place.
  • Turn off the power to the Christmas tree before installing the angel tree topper.


The Christmas season is a time of beauty, wonder, and joy, with the decorating of the tree standing out as a highlight for many. By understanding why angel tree toppers tend to fall and employing solutions, you can ensure that your angel remains perched atop your tree. The key to a successful, stunning Christmas tree is not just in the decorations themselves but in the care put into anchoring and displaying them.

We hope this guide helped you anchor an angel topper for your Christmas Tree. Click here to shop our selection of premium angel tree toppers.

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