Embracing Tradition with Moravian Stars: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them

With its unique design and rich history, the Moravian star has become a beloved symbol during the holiday season. Originating in the 19th century in Germany, these stars were initially used in Moravian boarding schools as a geometry lesson, but they quickly became a symbol of Advent, Christmas, and the Epiphany within the Moravian Church. Today, they are beloved by many for various reasons, transcending their initial religious significance. Here’s why people love Moravian stars:

Unique design and aesthetic appeal

Unlike traditional eight-pointed and five-pointed stars, the Moravian Star typically features 26 points (though the number can vary, with models having 20 to over 100 points), and the symmetry and balance of each star create a mesmerizing visual that can transform any space into a festive wonderland.

The Moravian Stars reflect and refract light, which adds to their endless charm. When illuminated, they create a warm, inviting glow that sets the mood of any room. This radiant quality makes them a popular choice for window displays, chandeliers, and even outdoor decor.

Symbolism and meaning

The Moravian star carries rich symbolism and tradition, making it more than just a decorative piece. It is seen as a representation of the Star of Bethlehem, guiding the wise men to the birthplace of Jesus. Over time, they became a symbol during the Advent & Christmas season.

For many, displaying a Moravian star tree topper is a way to honor this religious significance. The star serves as a reminder of hope, guidance, and the light that shines in the darkness.

In some cultures, the star is also seen as a symbol of protection and good fortune. Hanging a Moravian star in your home is believed to bring blessings and positive energy.

Versatility in decor

Moravian stars are incredibly versatile in terms of decor. These stars are not confined to the holiday season; they can be used year-round to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any space.

For indoor decor, Moravian stars make stunning centerpieces for dining tables, coffee tables, or mantels. They can be hung from ceilings to create a magical chandelier effect or placed in windows to catch the light. A Moravian star can serve as a unique nightlight in bedrooms, casting a soft, soothing glow. The stars’ versatility also extends to color schemes, with options ranging from classic white to bold, vibrant hues that can complement any palette.

For outdoor decor, Moravian stars can enhance gardens, patios, and porches. Hung from trees, pergolas, or porch ceilings, they add a festive touch to outdoor gatherings and celebrations. During the holiday season, they can be combined with string lights and other decorations to create a winter wonderland. Their weather-resistant materials ensure they remain beautiful and intact, no matter the season.

Cultural and historical interest

The history and cultural significance of Moravian stars intrigue many. As part of the Moravian tradition, it spread from Germany to the rest of Europe and eventually to the United States, where it became a popular holiday decoration.

In the United States, the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania—named after the biblical Bethlehem—is known for its strong Moravian heritage. Each year, the town hosts a Christmas festival featuring Moravian stars prominently in its decorations. The stars are also a common sight in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, another community with deep Moravian roots. These towns celebrate the stars not just as decorations but as symbols of their cultural and religious heritage.

Emotional connection and memories

For individuals who grew up with Moravian stars as part of their holiday traditions, these decorations can evoke strong feelings of nostalgia and familial connection.

In many families, hanging the Moravian star is a beloved ritual that marks the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a moment that brings family members together, a link to their heritage, and a way to honor their ancestors.


The Moravian star is more than just a decoration; it’s a symbol of tradition, unity, and celebration. Its unique design and aesthetic appeal make it a standout addition to any holiday decor, while its rich history and symbolism add depth and meaning. Whether hanging on a porch or displayed indoors, the Moravian star brings a sense of joy and togetherness that is truly special. Embracing this timeless tradition is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season and create lasting memories with loved ones.

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